6 Beauty Boxes You Must Try!

Hello people! I have something new for you today! Read on to find out more 🙂

In the past few years, the “beauty box” trend has steadily caught up in India. But what is a beauty box?

As the name suggests, it involves a box. Full of goodies. Of your choice. YES! Beauty boxes let you try out a variety of products at less than half the market price!

I have narrowed the list down to six boxes that you must try! Each of them has a  USP. Let’s take a look! 🙂  

Fab Bag

Fab Bag gives its happy customers sample size products and sometimes even full size products to sample and enjoy. I tried Fab Bag for a few months and found it pretty good! There is variety in the products that they send, and you can also buy the full size products from their site. fab

Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the plans in detail here.

Price: Fab Bag extends amazing subscription options. You can take a bag for 599 INR per month, but the annual subscription gives you these bags for as low as 399 INR per month!


  • Cute, quirky bags every month! Great for carrying cosmetics, especially while travelling.
  • Options of women’s and men’s bags!


My Envy Box

My Envy Box offers a box full of luxury items its subscribers every month. The items come in a lush satin pouch inside the box 😀 These items are usually makeup and wellness items such as nail lacquer, clay mask, moisturisers and perfume samples. Subscribers can order full sizes of their favourite items on the website. envy Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the subscription plans here.

Price: Envy Box offers a huge loyalty and shopping programme. You can book an Envy Box for 850 INR per month OR 708 INR per month on an annual subscription!

USP: LOTS of luxury items, especially perfume samples in dainty vials! 😀


Sugar Box

Sugar Box is a very new and exciting service in fashion and lifestyle. The subscribers receive boxes full of exclusive goodies, quirky items and gourmet treats! How does a box containing flip flops, a ‘message in a bottle’ pen drive, a straw hat, a tote bag and a gourmet kiwi drink sound? These was their latest beach edition 😀 You can also shop for your favourite items on the website! Beach-Edition Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the subscription plans here.

Price: Sugar Box offers its services at 1499 INR per month. This can go as low as 1199 INR per month if you opt for the annual subscription!

USP: Each month has a new theme! Uber Mom, the Beach Edition, Girls’ Nigh In and the Spring Edition are some of the past themes.



The My Style Mile (MSM) Box believes in  “a lot in a little”. It contains not only samples, but also full sized beauty products! There are two kinds of Boxes available – the Express Box contains exciting, upcoming brands, while the Select Box contains premium, luxury brands. You can also shop for products on their website, exclusively for face care and body care. msm Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the subscription plans here.

Price: You can get an MSM Express box for 495 INR per month. This can easily go down to 416 INR per month if you choose the annual subscription! The MSM Select Box costs a little more, at 995 INR per month. The annual subscription lets you have it at 833 INR per month 😀

USP: Exclusive Discount and Gift Vouchers from the partner brands, including salons and spas!

BeautyWish Box

This beauty box service by The Nature’s Co. gives you humane beauty. The BeautyWish Box offers amazing vegan and cruelty-free hair and body care products! From citrus body washes to delicate lavender body lotions, BeautyWish covers all your wellness needs. natures Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the subscription plans here.

Price: The subscription starts at 595 INR per month, and can go as low as 495 INR per month if you go for the annual subscription!

USP: The Nature’s Co. is PETA-certified. They produce ONLY vegan and eco-friendly products. You can feel good about yourself as you splurge on BeautyWish! 😀  

Zotiqq Box

This comes last but is definitely not the least! Zotiqq is a very new brand and concept in India, as it is not exactly a “beauty” box, but rather, a fashion box. The Zotiqq box comes loaded with jewellery! You can score the latest statement neckpieces, rings and earrings every month by choosing between the Must-Have Box and the Fashionista Box. zotiqq Subscription Plans: Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual. Check out the subscription plans here.

Price: The Must-Have Box costs 1000 INR per month, and 834 INR per month in the annual subscription. The Fashionista Box costs a tad more, at 1500 INR per month. It goes down to 1250 INR per month when subscribed annually 😀


  • Each box is unique, customised according to the subscriber’s preferences. One item represents the theme of the month.
  • The Fashionista Box comes with 2 statement neckpieces.

So which box do you like the best? Which one would you like to try out? Which ones have you tried already? Do share your thoughts! 😀

All pictures have been sourced from the respective websites, their Facebook or Instagram.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge “Intricate“:

Hello readers!

As you noticed, I couldn’t decide which picture suited this challenge the best. So I finally came up with FOUR pictures for it! 😉


This lovely gold wrist cuff that I found at a flea market in Mumbai 🙂


This ethnic silver ring from New Delhi 🙂


Lovely chandeliers at a Mumbai restaurant 🙂

So what do you think about these photos? Do they match the challenge? 🙂

Motion Blur

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge “Motion“:


I took this shot using a Canon dslr camera (1100D).

I love this picture because it was my first attempt at clicking a night photo that captured motion blur, and I think it turned out well 🙂

Enjoy the photo! 😀

Must Watch Movies in 2015!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long break! Been caught up with serious, adult responsibilities such as job and rent [ 😦 ]

But today I have something really cool for you! Check out this amazing infographic by VoucherCloud! This list shows the most promising Bollywood and Hollywood movies coming this year 😀

You can use this to keep track of your favourite movies!

Must Watch Movies of 2015

Must Watch Movies of 2015

Personally, I am VERY excited about Spectre and Star Wars. What about you? 😀

You can check out the original article here.

Mumbai: The City of Lights!

Hello dear readers! 🙂

There was a time when I had completely stopped posting on my blog. That was last year when I was trying to make sense of my world and take control of my life. Then in June 2014, Mumbai happened to me! No, it’s not an illness, but rather a fever! 😉

Mumbai is the finance and entertainment capital of India. I had been accepted at one of most prestigious institutions in the country, Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC). I was going to study mass communication!

But I come from New Delhi and the idea of moving to Mumbai was ridiculous to me! But after eight months of being here, I’m quite the convert!

More than anything, I love how a large chunk of the population prefers using the public transport, despite owning personal vehicles. That definitely helps reduce the traffic that clogs the city, and also keeps pollution in check! It really amazes me that this city even has a mobile app guide! This app, M-indicator (Check it out here on Google Play!) gives you all possible information about the city – from local train timings to metro, ferry fares and schedules to movie show timings and even job offers! It now has a safety feature for emergencies also! The local trains are the lifelines of this city!

I never thought I could manage travelling in these dangerously overcrowded trains till I HAD to step into one, simply cuz there was no other option. If you want to be on schedule, trains are the best! You may have to stand throughout your journey in sweltering, overcrowded conditions but you beat the traffic by a huge margin! I soon learned that the happiness of being able to rest even half your butt on the ‘fourth seat’ (little space created by three people squeezing in, for a fourth person on a three-seater) in a crowded local is unmatched! I was so surprised to see trinkets being sold in these trains – from earrings and makeup, to magazines, to snacks and even vegetables!

I have found Mumbaikars to be very helpful and down-to-earth. I have witnessed and received generosity on many occasions, and I’ll share one incident. Now, it is fairly common to see people clamouring for seats and make deals with anyone getting off before you do. In one such crowded local, I stood silently, wearing my heavy backpack and a young woman offered me her seat as she prepared to deboard. Such unexpected kindness was really heart warming!

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps! I will vouch that it is alive at all times, and autos (ricks) and cabs are easily available till late into the night. The drivers don’t fuss much and take you to your destination. Here, I also found that people interact more. People do own smartphones and such gadgets but human interaction is still very alive!

There is so much culture to explore and soak up. The British architecture, Parsi bakeries and quirky cafes have won me over! And most of these restaurants have very humble servers. They are polite and often go out of their way to ensure that you have a good dining experience. Street food is also pretty amazing here and it’s quite hygienic and reasonably priced. The go-to option is vada pav (a burger with a flavoursome potato patty) of which I’m a big fan!

Last but surely not the least, the Arabian Sea is a vital part of Mumbai. What came as a pleasant surprise to me was the fact that the well-known Marine Drive is just a walking distance from college!

More than eight months ago, while confirming my admission to XIC, I didn’t tell my parents that I would have class till 8.30pm or so. It was obvious that my parents would freak out and dissuade me from joining XIC, seeing that Delhi is not very safe at night. I didn’t tell them until two months into the course – but my regular reports of how safe and friendly the city is, helped me ease them into it 🙂

Eight months ago, I had landed in Mumbai, having promised myself that I would go back to Delhi as soon as these ten months ended. I was just not prepared to fall for this city. I was stubborn. But now, I’m reasonably unsure if I want to leave Mumbai.